What is the best way to submit digital artwork?

We recommend using a file transfer service to upload your files and then send us a link to download.  Popular options include Dropbox, Google Drive and WeTransfer.

What specs are required for submitting digital artwork?

We prefer high resolution PDF’s with all fonts converted to outlines and all images embedded.  Do not include crop marks or print info in the file.  The resolution should be 125dpi at actual size. Depending on graphic size a 1/4″ bleed is usually recommended.  Use vector format for all type and logos when possible.

What is an SEG fabric panel?

SEG stands for Silicon Edge Graphic and is a great option for doing booth images.  SEG fabric looks great, is lightweight, easy to install, and inexpensive to ship.

Can I clean my SEG fabric panel?

Most SEG fabrics can be cleaned in a standard washer and dryer on gentle cycle.  Confirm prior to cleaning. We can handle this for you upon request.

Do fabric graphics wrinkle?

Most fabric used in trade show booths stretch tight and eliminate wrinkling.  A small hand held steamer can be used for wrinkles that do not disappear.

Can Ferguson Design store my booth?

Yes, we have over 25,000 square feet of secure booth storage facilities and can house your crates, carpets, fiber cases, product, etc.

Do you have contacts in major cities across the US?

Ferguson Design has partnerships and multiple resources throughout major cities across the US.  This enables us to quickly solve issues that may arise at show locations.

Can Ferguson Design ship my booth internationally?

We use multiple dedicated show shippers that can assist with customs and international shipping.

What are standard in-line booth dimensions?

Standard dimensions for in-line booth: Maximum height is 8 ft. This 8 ft. height may be maintained on the sidewall of your booth up to a distance of 5 ft. from the front aisle. The remaining length of the sidewall may be no higher than 4 ft.

What are standard island booth dimensions?

Island display regulations vary from location to location.  However,  20′ tall in all areas of the booth is standard.

Do you have in-house metal fabrication capabilities?

Ferguson Design has the ability to fabricate with both steel and aluminum in-house.

Can I rent a trade show booth from Ferguson Design?

Yes, we offer a variety of pre-fab and custom rental options for booths of any size.  Contact us for details.

Does Ferguson Design rent AV equipment?

We offer a wide range of TV monitor sizes for rental as well as multiple lighting options.

Does Ferguson Design rent booth accessories?

Yes, we offer a variety of chairs, tables, literature stands, counters, and pedestals for rental.

Do you use an inventory management software program?

Exhibit Force is a very robust exhibit management program that we use to coordinate all client properties and show schedules.