The In’s and Out’s of the Workplace

Let’s say that the workplace is an exhibit house. You may think one of two things…

1. What the heck is an exhibit house? Or 2. I can’t imagine working there; it must be crazy! For those of you that have worked with Ferguson Design before you know that a good working exhibit house is one that is highly organized. It works like a fine tuned machine and is set up to handle any potential breakdown or hiccup that may occur. No trade show ever goes completely as planned, and we are ready for any task at hand.

We have an excellent team that pulls together and makes things happen. Being a member of this team means staying on top of every show where we have a client exhibiting, knowing the details of each booth and being able to communicate about it as well as simply exceeding our client’s expectations whatever they may be. This can be difficult at times in a fast paced environment; however, once you get the hang of it you begin to welcome the challenge. This is what we do!