Fabrication for the Trade Show Industry

Ferguson Design has a large fabrication space that consists of a 5 x 12 CNC router, a fully capable woodworking shop, a metal fabrication shop, and a designated setup area.  We like to build everything in house to make sure it stands up to our standards.  Even our trade show crates are designed and built in house to make sure your displays gets to where they need to be as safe and cost effective as possible.

CNC Router:

Our router is a powerhouse.  With the ability to hold 8 bits as well as line bores, it cuts extremely accurately and efficiently.  We cut everything from hardwoods to plywood, to Sintra (PVC board), to solid surface material and even light gauge aluminum / steel.  Where accuracy and speed are critical, we rely on our CNC.

Wood Shop:

The wood shop at Ferguson Design is outfitted with everything you’d expect to see in a full blown cabinet shop.  From a sliding table saw to our main SawStop saw, thickness planers, drill presses, routers, a dedicated lamination area, you name it!  If it needs to be built or assembled by hand, our shop team is the team you want working on your next project.

Metal Fabrication:

We like to use Octanorm because of the abundance of profiles and the ease of assembly.  But a lot of times there is a project that comes through where there is a need for something a little more custom.  With the ability to weld steel and aluminum and fabricators with tons of industry experience, we’ve got the tools and experience to make it.

Remember – we don’t just fabricate.  Ferguson Design has an incredible team to help you design and execute your next trade show booth.  If you’re in the market, give us a call!